Family begs judge to send dad to prison

Family member after family member stood up and railed against Ronald A. Dority at his sentencing Friday, telling Erie County Common Pleas Judge Tygh Tone that Dority must go to prison for the brutal kidnapping of his estranged wife.

The words carried weight with Tone, who sentenced the 44-year-old Bellevue man to 12 years in prison. He faced a maximum of 23 years behind bars.

Dority terrorized his now ex-wife Beth the night of June 16. He broke into her Herr Road home in Margaretta Township, where he found Beth in bed and choked her, according to police. He then dragged her to the garage, wrapped a chainsaw chain around her wrists, pushed her into a Chevrolet Suburban, then drove her around until he needed to stop for gas...


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