Frank Frisco Killed His Former Fiance, and Himself, After Being Released from Jail on a Restraining Order Violation

A day after he got out of jail, a 36-year-old Toms River man killed his former fiance before committing suicide in the home the couple had once planned to share, authorities said yesterday.

Investigators said Frank Frisco killed 30-year-old Letizia Zindell, also of Toms River, at her King George Layne residence early yesterday afternoon, then returned to the home they once shared on Lafayette Avenue and hanged himself in a garage detached from the home.

A family friend hoping to borrow cleaning supplies from Zindell discovered her body in the back seat of her 2005 Acura around 2:30 p.m., Toms River Police Chief Michael Mastronardy said.

The chief was not sure how Zindell was killed and that remained unknown as of last night, pending an autopsy by the Ocean County Medical Examiner's Office.

After Zindell's friend informed police of her grim discovery, authorities began a frantic search for Frisco, said Mastronardy. Police discovered his body around 4 p.m...

**Blog Author note: This is at least the second restraining order violation in the news this week. This murderer was a repeat offender. Restraining orders create paper trails--they don't stop murder.


Ashley said...

I agree, paper can not nor will it ever stop a bullet.

vawnews said...

Yes, this is no rock, paper, scissors game. Paper, is what they use to leave a trail, and also to toe-tag you.

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