Another Restraining Order Unserved, Rodney Morris-El Sr Shoots His Children's Mother in Front of Them, then Himself

A woman seeking court protection against the father of her four children was fatally shot in front of the youngsters in what police called a murder-suicide.

Melissa Amerson, 26, was loading the children into her minivan just after 8 a.m. Friday when she was shot.

Police said her attacker, Rodney Morris-El Sr., 37, then walked about 30 feet into the yard and turned the weapon on himself.

Officials said the children, who range in age from 10 to 5, weren't harmed.

Neighbor Aaron Foster said he heard children screaming and the oldest child ran to his apartment and said, "Please help me. My mom has just been shot."...

**Blog Author Note: This is the second story in 2 days involving an unserved restraining order.

Note to certain commentors on the original article: Mothers cannot BOTH protect themselves and their children (natural instinct and given right) AND foster a relationship between the children and their father (as ordered by the family court system and promoted by social service agencies and the rest of "the system"). Which is it going to be?


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