Mesac Damas is a Fugitive After Killing His Wife and 5 Children in Florida

UPDATED!! 9/21 They caught the muthafucker!!!

Investigators in two countries are searching for answers in a family slaying that Collier County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk called the most "horrific and violent" act the community had ever seen.

"This is the worst of the worst," Rambosk said.

Mesac Damas, 33, the father and "person of interest" in the case is believed to be in Haiti following a Friday morning flight. Investigators in the country are currently looking for Damas for questioning, Rambosk said.

The bodies of Damas' five children and his wife, Guerline Damas, were found in different locations in the home, at 864 Hampton Cir., Rambosk said.

The sheriff did not describe the nature of the scene, except to say multiple rooms were involved. He said the scene inside the home and the nature of the case made it the worst he'd ever seen...

**Blog Author Note: Please find this muthafucker. Florida, this is the second killing in days. Was there any history of violence? Strange things going on with the children at school? Isolated wife? Maybe those pro-life "pregnancy center" funds need to be directed elsewhere.

Bingo, found what I was suspecting:,2933,552710,00.html

Damas Sr. also said his son and his wife have had domestic problems

Records on the Collier County Clerk of Courts Web site reportedly show Damas has prior arrests for domestic violence.
The neighbors said there had been prior disputes in the home.

Records on the Collier County Clerk of Courts Web site show Damas has prior charges for domestic violence in June 2005 involving his wife, Guerline Dieu, and children -- Mesack Obo Damas, Maven and Marven.

Damas also brought charges against Dieu for domestic violence, the Web site records show, but the November 2006 case never moved forward because he failed to appear in court.


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