Divorced for Only One Month, Michael Stayer Beats His Ex-Wife to Death with a Hammer with the Children Home

A Whitestown nurse died a day after police said she was beaten bloody and unconscious with a hammer in her upscale townhome.

Her ex-husband will be charged with murder next week, authorities said.

Michael Stayer, 31, Zionsville, had called police to report he'd been beaten with a hammer by his wife, but paramedics and authorities found more than his injured hand. Beth Stayer, 32, was unresponsive in her 2-year-old child's bedroom in the new townhome they shared with her 5-year-old, police said...

Another neighbor, Bob Jordan, 47, is a pastor who moved in across the street from Beth Stayer last month. Jordan said he hopes the "tragic" event underscores the need for battered women to seek help...

**Blog Author note: Battered women need to seek PROTECTION not "help", when they have already left like this woman, Beth Stayer, did.

Batterers, are the people who need to seek "help."**


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