Joe Harvey Jr of Illinois Has Raped an Infant

Authorities say a 27-year-old suburban Chicago man has been charged with sexual assault and abuse of an infant.

The Kendall County Sheriff's office says Joe Harvey Jr. was charged after the mother noticed injuries to the child last week and went to an Aurora hospital.

Other details aren't available, including the gender and age of the infant.

Harvey's a former boyfriend of the 20-year-old mother. On Saturday night, the Montgomery man was still in jail on a $250,000 bond. His arraignment's Monday...


Tormented said...

There's no real evidence mentioned anywhere about this supposed crime.

Noticing injuries and taking the child to a hospital doesn't prove anything about who committed a crime, nor does it prove there was a crime.

If it turns out that your headline "Joe Harvey Jr of Illinois Has Raped an Infant" is wrong, then you have defamed Joe Harvey.

Americans Don’t Believe in Innocent Until Proven Guilty

vawnews said...

I didn't write the article, or, did you not read that either?

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