In Alabama, Tyrone Hicks Stabbed His Wife to Death While the Four Children Were Home

A former Forrest City resident died last week from stab wounds allegedly inflicted by her husband at their home in Tuscaloosa, Ala.,

Captain Loyd Baker, with the Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide Unit, said Shanta Shinell Holland Hicks, 28, died Friday morning from stab wounds she suffered Thursday night during an attack by her husband, Tyrone Hicks, 28.

Hicks drove to an Alabama State Police office near his home shortly after the attack and turned himself in without incident. “He told the dispatcher he had just killed his wife, and he was taken into custody,” Baker said.

According to reports, the Hicks shared a home with their four children and her 18-year-old brother, who police have not identified, according to a report by the Tuscaloosa News...


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