Father Myron Stenhouse Kills His Wife; Arrested Holding His Child

A man accused of killing his estranged wife was arrested Friday, holding their 14-month-old daughter in his arms.

Myron Stenhouse, 45, called 911 Friday afternoon, asking officers be sent to his home at 6236 20th Way South. He mentioned something about a knife and put the phone down, leaving the line open, police said.

When he returned to the phone, he said his wife was lying on the floor...

**Blog Author note: I will keep saying...the most dangerous time for a victim is when she leaves the relationship**


Behind The Blue Wall said...

I have a hard enough time some nights as I'm trolling for officer-involved domestic violence news - I can't keep up. How much harder it has to be for you.

Some days I let my forehead rest on the desk, cry some, pray some. It isn't just the cop dv cases that break my heart. I read so many general domestic violence cases on the way to finding the ones that I post that I just have to think that people really have no idea.

Why as a culture do we still use violent subject matter for entertainment... movies, books, games, etc.?

That's crazy.

We need to stop it.

Anonymous said...

I am not keeping up by far. I go through MANY days where I post absolutely nothing. I just look, read, and...pray, I guess.

This violence is too much. Everywhere. War. Everything. I don't even know what to do. I read some of the most nastiest, disturbing, hate-filled stuff from the mens' groups, who, at the same time say that women are equally violent and that the "dv machine" is full of lies.

Do I have the wrong news station on?

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