Nice Guy Jonathan Ray Pearson Beat the Hell Out of His Girlfriend with Golf Clubs, in Ocala

The room where an Ocala woman was brutally beaten with two golf clubs on Sunday looked like a murder scene.

A blood-soaked mattress was on the floor, surrounded by blood-spattered walls. A few specks of blood dotted the ceiling. More blood, likely spat by the 22-year-old victim, was on the wall near the head of the bed.

Ocala police say the woman was struck at least 10 times with a driver and putter. She was still hospitalized Tuesday, recovering from a seven-hour surgery...

**Blog author note: Aggravated domestic violence? NO!

Attempted murder? Hell YEAH!

What is wrong with the legal system?**


joi said...

try 16 hours and 2 more surgery next week.i hope he rots in jail!

vawnews said...

I agree.

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