Morristown man accused of drowning wife opts for trial

A Morristown man charged with murder in the bathtub drowning of his wife rejected a plea offer today of 30 years in prison, and instead wants to stand trial on the charges.

Kleber Cordova, 30, who is accused of drowning Eliana Torres, 26, on May 9, allegedly confessed to the killing after the couple's 8-year-old daughter told police she saw her mother struggling with him, authorities have said.

In a hearing in Superior Court in Morristown, the Morris County Prosecutor's Office offered that, in exchange for a guilty plea to murder, the state would recommend the minimum sentence of 30 years in prison, with all 30 years being parole ineligible.

Cordova and his attorney, James Orlando, mulled over the plea offer for several hours, until finally rejecting it...


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