An Upham couple is dead after an apparent murder suicide.

Law Enforcement have little answers and they are carefully putting the pieces together for the sake of both families.

"A lot of people are hurt and we want to make sure we have the right answers," says Marv Sola.

McHenry County Sheriff Marv Sola says his office received the call on March 6 before midnight. Two people were found dead, Nolan Hett and Julia Lawless.

"From what I understand, He called a friend who called a mutual friend. They went out to check on them and then they were the ones who found them and called us," says Sola.

The couple lived in this farmhouse just outside of Upham. Authorities say the couple got in a fight after leaving a Granville bar last night. A friend of the couple called authorities after finding both Hett and Lawless dead at the rural Upham farmhouse...


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